$5 MONOPOLY Game Tokens Progressive

Current Jackpot is $11,117

Jackpot starts at $5,000!*

MONOPOLY Game Tokens Progressive

A DICE ROLL is the total of both dice appearing under each DICE ROLL. To Play, start in GO and count squares clockwise around the board for that DICE ROLL to land on YOUR SYMBOL. If that YOUR SYMBOL matches a WINNING SYMBOL, win that prize! If you land on CHANCE, win that prize plus the amount on the CHANCE CARD. If you land on GO, win $200 automatically! Each DICE ROLL starts at GO and plays separately.

*This is a progressive jackpot game. The top prize has a minimum value of $5,000 and the prize value increments with each ticket sold statewide. Each ticket sold has a jackpot amount on the top that applies to that ticket.

MONOPOLY TM, ® & © 1935, 2024 Hasbro

$5 1 in 7.14
$10 1 in 10.00
$20 1 in 33.33
$50 1 in 111.11
$100 1 in 600.00
$200 1 in 5,454.55
$1,000 1 in 12,000.00
Jackpot* 1 in 80,000.00
Overall Odds 1 in 3.56